Sinemia not working? You might have to go through Sinemia’s “identification process”

Is your Sinemia not working? It could be because of the company’s new identification process. We’re not sure if it’s required of all users, or if it’s just a select few, but it’s another frustrating step in using the movie subscription service. If you go to your account detail, you’ll probably see this: ID verification required – Awaiting documents and the following note:

Your Sinemia plan’s ticketing feature has been turned off until you upload the documents required for the ID verification process.

You must verify your identity to prove you are the sole account holder of your Sinemia plan as stated in the terms you have agreed to. ID verification is required to prevent fraud and keep Sinemia sustainable and affordable. By verifiying your ID, you help us ensure you are who you say you are and that you are the sole user of your Sinemia account.

We routinely ask our members to verify their identities to help keep Sinemia sustainable and affordable. ID verification is required to prevent abuse and help us ensure you are the sole user of your membership.

Once you upload the necessary documents, you will be able to get your tickets as usual. If your documents are approved, this means you are ID verified and you do not need to take further action.

If your documents are rejected and we are not able to verify your identity through the ID verification process, your account may be terminated and the cost of the tickets you have used during the ID Documents Review process may be charged to your payment method on file. You will be notified of the outcome once your documents are reviewed. For more info, please click here.

The frustrating thing is that I didn’t get any notification that I needed to do this. If I went to grab some advanced seats for a movie I wanted to see in a couple hours, I would have been PISSED. Thankfully, I happened to log on to check when my plan started over again and just happened to see this. So I clicked on the red “start identification process”

The good news is it’s more annoying that difficult. After uploading a photo of your drivers license and a photo of you holding your drivers license, you get he following:

ID verification process has started.
Thank you for uploading your documents. We will review the documents you have uploaded and notify you once the ID verification process is complete. You may continue to enjoy your Sinemia plan.

Lukcily you can still watch movies as the company verifies your identity. Considering the company’s past tactics, I’m surprised they didn’t make me wait until I was fully verified. The identification process isn’t new, but the scale in which they’re implementing it into their system is. If you’re concerned about the company having access to your drivers license, you’re not alone. Users have reported blocking out their license number when sending it in.

Have you had to identify yourself?

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