Roti Promo Code for $5 Off

Roti Modern Mediterranean, or simply referred to as Roti, is a fast casual restaurant that “proudly” serves up a new modern take on traditional Mediterranean foods like rice plates, salads and wraps. Roti wants you to share the that Roti love all across their approximately 35 locations. Download the Roti app using this referral link and you can get up to $5 off your first meal. Yes, up to five dollars off.

Look at this ridiculous, tasty-looking Med spread you can get at Roti.

Started in Chicago and that’s where the vast majority of franchises are located, the company has dozens of locations with storefronts in Washington D.C., New York, Texas, Virginia, and Minnesota with plans on expanding larger.


Everyone benefits when you share your LOVE for Roti Mediterranean Grill. When you download their Roti-personalized app using this special referral coupon code, you’ll get your first wholesome meal on Roti — up to $5 off in free Roti credit. Once you enjoy your first Roti experience, they’ll give me $3 for being such a good friend to you.

Roti serves up what they refer to as “modern Mediterranean” but their combinations of vegetables, olive oil, wholesome grains, and lean protein are still simple and stays true to the time-tested Mediterranean diet.

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