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Serving breakfast, salads, sandwiches and other healthy meals, Fresh&co focuses on ingredients that are vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. Founded in 2010, the fast casual company is a destination for organic seasonal food featuring menu items like market fresh bowls, beautiful salads, homey soups, sandwiches, and cold-pressed juices. For $3 off at Fresh & Co, click here for the promo code .

Though Fresh & Co. can be a bit mad during their busy times, it’s a great spot to pick up a quick, tasty breakfast or lunch when in Manhattan. There’s a lot of options but I prefer vegetables and the company has a lot of awesome healthy options from soups to grain bowls to salads. They’ll also cook up fish for you on the spot for you.  The restaurant consistently offers up friendly, competent service, reasonable prices (especially in Manhattan) and plenty of seats to chow down

Lots of Options: Lunch and Dinner and Breakfast

Most fast franchises focus their menus for lunch and dinner. That’s what sets Fresh & Co. apart from those other businesses. They have a menu that is good throughout the day whether you want an egg sandwich, an omelette, pancakes or one of their popular smashed avocado sandwiches, the company is a destination for the most-important meal of the day. They certainly don’t lack for options. Check out the menu categories from their website:

With more than 15 locations up and down Manhattan, the New York-based fresh food franchise is growing rapidly. And Fresh & Co. has an app to make it easy to pay with your phone and earn rewards toward meals. Download their app, with this link and get a promo code for $3 off your first purchase. The Fresh & Co. rewards don’t end there either. As soon as you spend $100 through their app, you’ll get $9 in Fresh & Co. credit. Not only that, every time a customer hits the $100 mark, the company will donate $1 of that to fight childhood hunger.

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