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Cafe X is a robotic coffee and espresso cafe with a handful of locations in San Francisco. Yes, this coffee bar has a barista, but it’s an internet-connected automated espresso machine with a robotic arm to serve the finished drink. The only humans you’ll find at Cafe X are Product Specialists that are there to provide education on the products they serve and help you with the technology.

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How to Use Cafe X

There are two ways to order using Cafe X.

But first, plug in MAR01 in the “enter your promo code” field in the PROMOTIONS section of the app. Click submit or enter, and the promo code will allow you to get your next drink free at a Cafe X.

In-Store: First you can walk into one of the Cafe X stores (or up to their mobile cafes) and use the touchscreen tablets located in near the kiosk. You can choose the type of coffee or espresso, size of the cup and what type of milk you prefer.

After you’ve placed your order at the in-store tablet, you walk up to the robotic arm encased in glass and watch as your order is being made. Watch the big LCD screen for your order status. Once your order is completed, just type in the three digit code at any of the stations that abut the “coffee bar” and watch the mechanical arm pick up and serve your drink.

Use the app: We’d be surprised (and disappointed) if Cafe X didn’t have an app. Get the Cafe X app on Apple’s App Store or Google Play. In order to get your first coffee or latte free, use code MAR01 at the payment screen. Use the app to order and pay ahead at the Cafe X location nearest you then punch in your code when you arrive and you’re on the way.

About Cafe X Cafe X started in San Francisco in 2018 and serves specialty coffee from popular local roasters that started out in the Bay Area like Ritual, Equator, and Intellgentsia. As of August 2019, you can find these automatic coffee bars on Market Street, at One Bush and in the Metreon in San Francisco.