Airbnb Promo Code for $40 Off your Stay

airbnb coupon

Airbnb is a controversial online service that disrupted the hospitality industry by allowing everyday people ro rent out their houses, apartments, condos, and RVs for short-term stays.

The service, which started in 2008, has grown from a simple peer-to-peer marketplace that connected those offering up rooms and those searching. Those stays now include everything from apartment rentals, home stays, vacations, and hotel rooms. The site now boasts over 3 million listings in more than 60,000 cities in nearly 200 different countries. Get $40 off at Airbnb.

Basically, a or Hotel Tonight, but private residences instead of hotel rooms.

Airbnb Great for Unique Lodging Requirements

The vacation rental marketplace a great alternative to finding unique lodging in whatever city you’re visiting. Airbnb used to be a fantastic option for those looking for less expensive lodging, but in recent years, prices have gone up significantly. Luckily, you can use this promo code to get $40 off your first stay using Airbnb.

Still, the service can be much more affordable depending on the situation For example, if you’re going on a group trip somewhere, you might be able to rent out a house that can easily accommodate eight people for a fraction of the cost of cramming eight friends in two hotel rooms.

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