Save $8 at Fresh&Co: Downloading mobile app with promo link and pay!

Fresh&co is really pushing hard in enticing their customers (and prospective customers) to use and pay with their branded mobile app. If we already weren’t using their app, we’d be on it too. That’s because new users to the app that frequent fresh&co can get $8 in promotional credit across their first two visits. Here’s how.

  • Step 1: Download the App: You may already know that if you download fresh&co app using this link, you can receive $3 off your first visit as long as you use the fresh&co app to pay for your purchase.
  • Step 2: Pay with App: On top of that discounted first purchase, once you’ve paid with fresh&co’s app the first time, you should automatically receive an email that says “You’ve unlocked a $5 second visit reward!”

When you open up the email this is what it’ll say:

Congratulations! You’ve unlocked: a $5 credit! You’ve unlocked a second visit reward of $5! Head to Fresh&Co soon!

You’ll see that another credit has already been applied to your account. It’s a smart move by the organic fast-casual franchise to not only incentivize users to use the app their first time, but to make it a habit by offering another $5 to use it again. Their hope is that you not only will get accustomed to paying with the application, but visit one of the 20 or so locations they have in New York City with plans to expand into New Jersey in 2019.

If you’re interested in getting $8 in promotional app credit to fresh&co, get started by claiming your $3 here.

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