Gregory’s Coffee Coupon and Promo Code (2020)

Gregory’s Coffee Coupon Code

With approximately 30 locations (mostly in New York City), Gregory’s Coffee is a locally-based cafe that’s growing. This privately-owned franchise first started out in 2006 when Gregory Zamfotis opened his first cafe. Now a dozen years later and there’s a more than two dozen storefronts scattered throughout Manhattan with a couple in Jersey City and Washington D.C.

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The company also has a roasting facility in nearby Long Island City, Queens.

From Small Cafe to Local Franchise

Even though Gregory’s has expanded to the point that they’re no longer considered a local, homey cafe, I can vouch that their coffee, particularly their espresso, hasn’t suffered. Their espresso-based drinks are still of a very high-quality; keeping up with popular roasters like Brooklyn Roasting Company and La Colombe.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise because Gregorys roasts their own coffee beans and bakes their own pastries. Not only are their offerings great, but their customer service has never wavered in my opinion. In the vast majority of times I’ve visited a store, each and every Gregory employee has been friendly and helpful. That’s proven out by many of their locations have four star ratings on Yelp.

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About Gregory’s Coffee

Website: Gregory’s Coffee
Opened: 2006
$5 Off: Promo Coupon Code
Locations (2020): 35

Let’s talk a little bit about Gregorys Coffee’s logo. Usually, logos are boring, but Gregory’s found a clever way of integrating their company’s founder’s signature glasses and messy-styled hair in a way that’s not corny and not overdone. The simple brand logo features two coffee mugs emulating Zamfotis’ eye glasses and a full head of wavy-hair with GREGORYS COFFEE covering the bottom-half of his face. Bravo!

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