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Ebates Promo Code, $25 Referral Bonus

Boy, cashback websites sure have evolved in the last twenty years. I remember the days of FreeRide and the original MyPoints. I still periodically surf FatWallet and SlickDeals. They’re all great “found money” sites, but none of them make making money easier than Ebates.

New Ebates members get $10 bonus for signing up

Ebates isn’t a newcomer, but they’re definitely one of the biggest players in the cashback game. The point of the site isn’t much different from FatWallet and Yelp’s Cashback, Ebate’s website is a portal for thousands of popular online retailers. If you’re enticed enough to click-through one of the retailers’ discount codes, promotions and/or cash back offers, anything you’ll buy during that session will go into your cash back account.

Get Cash Back For Shopping Like You Always Do

In fact, on Black Friday, I was shopping at PUMA.com buying shoes I would have bought anyways and noticed that Ebates was offering 9% cash back on anything ordered from puma.com. After my session, not only did I get a 30% discount with PUMA’s Black Friday promo code, but I earned $32 in Ebates cashback. I didn’t order more or less because of it. I just shopped as I normally did. In just over a year, I’ve earned over $200 through Ebates.

Easy money. When it’s time to cash out with cash back, you can choose a couple easy options as to how to receive: a check or being paid by PayPal. It’s all automated based on your preferences. Ebates makes it really simple on you.

Ebates Referral and Sign Up Bonus

On top of all the free money you can get by shopping online and adding Ebates to your browser, you can add more cash to your monthly Big Fat Check after signing up.

How one does that is by referring their friends and family to the Ebates program using their personal referral link. Ebates runs this great referral promotion when a user spreads the Ebates gospel. When their friends, brothers, sisters, pals, cousins, buddies, mothers, enemies or co-workers sign up, those users are rewarded with more cash when those referrals make a qualifying purchase, so both sides earn a reward.

It’s super easy to refer new users, just go to Ebates homepage and click on “Refer & Earn $25” to get your personalized invite link. Or you can get there by clicking here. If you don’t have an account yet, get started with Ebates here.

When Ebates was younger and still establishing themselves, they had sweeter referral bonuses. Back in 2015 and 2016, the affiliate company ran a promotion that when a user referred multiple friends, they would get a tiered bonus,

When Promo Minimum Referrals Bonus Status Notes
Oct 2015 N/A 3 $85 Expired Referrals spend $25 through the Ebates
Nov 2016 N/A 3 $60 Expired Referrals spend $25 through Ebates within a year
Nov 2017 Link 1 $25 Active Maximum three referrals

Of course you can’t refer yourself for that sign up bonus by using multiple accounts. No self referrals are allowed in Ebates program. how dare you try to hack Ebates!

Add the Ebates Browser Button to Make It Easier

Really, it’s super simple to use ebates that it’s a completely no-brainer even if you shop online every so often. To make it even more of a no-brainer, uou can add Ebates bookmarklet/button to your browser so when you hit the checkout screen of a retailer that partners with Ebates, they’ll automatically ask to apply coupons to your order. Like, yes please.

More than a handful of times, I was shopping and the Ebates pop-up appeared basically handing me promo codes to try — except they did all the work.

So you can earn 2% here, 9% there for what you would be buying anyways — found money. And once your cashback balance hits a threshold you can set (mine is set at $10), Ebates will send you a “Big Fat Check”. Easy, right? Slapping yourself in the forehead for not using this already? Don’t miss out, here’s $10 bonus to get started on Ebates. If you haven’t been paying attention, that’s enough for a $10 check. It’s free and simple to join. All you need is an email address and a password. Done.

More About Ebates

Founded in 1998, Ebates is headquartered  San Francisco. In the approximately 20 years of their existence, they’ve increased their user base to more than 10 million members that have earned more than $800 million in cashback. The company is now one of the world’s most well-known money-saving websites.

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