Minibar Promo Code, Coupon for $10 Off

Alcohol delivered — need we say more? Does the company actually need to convince you of anything else? Other possible elevator pitches off the top of our heads include “happy hour at your doorstep” and “a house party in a box”.

Get started on your Minibar order of wine, beer, and liquor with $10 off your first order using this promo code SL056624. Alternatively, you can download the app with this referral link.  You can download the app now, and if you don’t use it within a week, someone from the company will probably contact you wondering why you haven’t placed an order yet.  They’ll offer a discount code to entice you to try their service. For me, I got a 10% coupon code off my first order. That helped entice to get started spreading the cheers!

Code Promotion Discount Status
SL056624 Download App $10 off Active
ANDREWS10 Special Offer 10% Off Active
LASTMINUTE Christmas $15 Active
NB10 New Users $10 Expired
SHAKE20 New Users $20 Active
SPRINGPLEASE $5 off $25 $5 04/30/2018

On top of that, make sure you visit Ebates’ Minibar page when you order from the alcohol delivery service  — the cash back website allows Minibar customers to stack a percentage off their order. As of this post, Minibar had a 1% cashback. Every penny counts!  If you’ve never used Ebates before, they’ll also give you $10 to try them out, so all in all… nearly free alcohol

More About Minibar Delivery

Officially, Minibar is an on-demand alcohol-delivery app that services over 20 cities in the United States. The goal is obvious, to take the work out of your pleasure. No more having to lug around heavy bottles from the liquor store and back to the house If you want a bottle of a case of vodka, all you have to do is open up the Minibar app and in a few clicks, you’re stocked up.

The company was founded in February 2014 and grew significantly; adding to their user base at a breakneck pace In 2015, the company grew even more after acquiring one of their fiercest competitors, the unfortunately-named Booze Carriage. That agreement added 25,000 users to Minibar’s Rolodex of customers.

“We’ve been growing quickly, but the majority of the population hasn’t heard of Minibar,” said co-founder Lindsey Andrews. “Part of the challenge is getting the word out there and letting consumers know that wine, spirits and beer are moving into e-commerce.”

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