Sushirrito $10 Promo Code

Sushirrito is exactly what it sounds like, burritos made from sushi ingredients (with Peruvian touches). The company was the original “sushi burrito” concept in San Francisco combining Asian and Latin ingredients into Sushi Burritos. What can you expect to find in a Sushirrito? Ingredients like salmon belly poke, crispy platanos, takuan, Yellowfin, ginger guacamole, masago, and wasabi.

Does the idea of a sushi burrito make you happy? Well, you can get $10 off your first order by clicking on this referral promo code. Once you have, you can choose from some of the restaurant’s more popular combos like Geisha’s Kiss, Salmon Samba, and my personal favorite, the Sumo Crunch.

Sushirrito Rewards Program

Sushirrito’s loyalty program is powered by Thanx. New users to their program get $10 back on their next purchase at Sushirrito by being referred by a friend or family member or Sushirrito fanatic. Once part of their loyalty cult, all subsequent visits using the app will earn them points toward free meals in the future. Why not? You can earn rewards at any of Sushirrito’s storefront locations in San Francisco or New York City.

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