$10 Off Next Check Via TabbedOut

There’s no catches, no limits to using TabbedOut, a mobile payments app that that allows you view and pay your restaurant bill, check or bar tab from your phone. TabbedOut gives you back your freedom by allowing you the ability to pay your tab or bill without the usual waiting. The startup has partnered with thousands of establishments and businesses, so you can get your night going whether it’s a bar, restaurants, or even taxi cab. Whenever there’s something to be paid for, TabbedOut can be used — as long as the establishment is an active participant.

The app is free to download, but you can make money from the get go. If you’re a new TabbedOut user, plug in this G7L5A4 promo code, and you’ll get $10 OFF their next tab!

Use this code to get $10 off: G7L5A4

New users should enter the coupon code when setting up their account. They can enter it afterward, too, but if you want that $10 credit, then do it immediately! If you’re looking to enter it after setting up your TabbedOut account, just go to the profile menu and click “Enter Promo Code.”