Noon Mediterranean

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One of several chains looking to dominate in the fast Mediterranean food, Noon Mediterranean emphasizes healthy and tasty wraps, falafels, salads and fries. The ompany started in 2012 and has quickly expanded to approximately 20 locations in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and Texas.

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Much like many other apps that utilize a mobile app and QR code at the cash register, once you spend $99 at Noon Mediterranean you’ll receive $9 in credit to use at any of their 20 locations. Have another code or coupon? Lucky you. At Noon, you can stack your coupons onto your order total.

Started by Michael Heyne and co-owner/founder Dominik Stein in 2011, the Austin, Texas chain quickly expanded from the small independent Texas town to Dallas, Houston and San Antonio before growing to the East Coast. They haven’t always gone by the name Noon Mediterranean. They started out as VertsKebap before changing their name again to VERTS in 2016.

“We learned over time as our expectations grew, as our food and our team grew, as everything grew, that the name was actually limiting us,” Heyne says. We’re not sure we believe that. Rebranding isn’t something you take lightly, and changing a brand that no one knew what it meant to something as confusing feels like a re-brand for other reasons.

Hopefully the re-brand is a good restart for them as the company will need it against other competitors in the Mediterranean fast casual space: Cava, Hummus & PIta Co., Maoz, and Roti and are all up-and-coming Med restaurants trying to also be the market leader.

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