Get $3 off at Sweetgreen Promo Code

From regular menus items to their seasonal bowls, sweetgreen’s offerings are delicious. However, though fast casual salad restaurant proliferating across the United States is healthy, sweetgreen isn’t the most-affordable option out there. The good news is we have a comprehensive list of active promo codes and coupon codes for the bustling salad franchise.

At the very least you’ll save $3 off your next salad or grain bowl at sweetgreen. Click below to claim your $3 discount or scroll down for more sweetgreen coupons.

sweetgreen coupon

Sweetgreen Coupon Codes for 2019

We’ve taken the time to aggregate sweetgreen codes from around the web, both active and expired. We’ve also included and tested some fake codes that that have been reported by other sites just so the list is comprehensive. So here’s the sweetgreen coupon codes that work and don’t work (in alphanumerical order):

Sweetgreen Promo Codes and Discounts
Promo Code Discount Status How Description Restrictions
335FG485F 15% off $100 Fake Online Shop selected menu and get 15% discount on your total order of $100 or more app/online
5OFF1DB $5 off $10 Expired 12/28/14 online $5 discount on your first order of $10 more New customers/first order only
B3G1 Free Buy 3 Get 1 Free Fake in-store Print coupon for one Free dish on order of three or more fake
BMVL2GOBR4 $3 off Verified Online/In-Person Download sweetgreen app using this referral link to get $3 discount None
EATLOCAL 25% off Expired 2011 Online Come Celebrate and order your salad online with this 25% Capitol Hill location only
EM-OBsW3DP $3 off Active Online/In-Person Invite friends to download the app, and they'll each get $3 to spend at sweetgreen. Once they spend their $3, you'll score $3! None
EQUINOX $15 online credit Active Take a Class Not a code, but a promotion with Equinox Gym's new 30-minute Firestarter class" credit for online
F939D405 20% off $200+ Fake Online Purchase meal for your entire family and save 20% off the retail price Spend $200 or more
HQ34pAP3 $3 off $6 Active Online/In-Person Invite friends to download the app, and they'll each get $3 to spend at sweetgreen. Once they spend their $3, you'll score $3! None
HALF6YP 50% off Expired 12/31/13 Online Charm City Concierge offered 50% VIP code new/online/Reston (VA)
Q2657BMHJV $2 off Active Via App Referral None
RETAILMENOT None N/A Online No page yet None
SGXFOOD52 Free Expired 08/27/11 Online Order FOOD52's Mighty Salad exclusively at sweetgreen. We're gifting the first 50 people — just use the code at checkout! First 50 customers/Online
SWEETTWEETS 25% off Expired 08/27/11 Online 25% off online ordering Online only
SWTLF16 discount Expired Online Buy sweetlife music concert ticket at a discounted rate with this pre-sale code member exclusive
TYNT8BP7KYM $3 discount Expired Online/In-Person Download the sweetgreen rewards app using this invite link and get $3 off None
XR4CHDJL88 $3 off $10 DEAD In-Person Invite friends to download the app, and they'll each get $3 to spend at sweetgreen. Once they spend their $3, you'll score $3! None
Ticket Giveaway Giveaway Expired Social Media sweetgreen often does giveaways for their sweetlife concert tickets. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook pages for a chance to win n/a

Alot of their promos tend to be local. Your chance for sweetgreen discounts are through a referral link. Outside of that, you’ll have to be lucky enough to catch wind of a location that is opening nearby as they tend to give away free salads to celebrate grand openings. In the meantime, here’s a $3 coupon:

sweetgreen coupon

Sweetgreen hasn’t needed to rely on promotional codes or coupons as word of mouth has been their most-effective marketing. That said, sweetgreen has offered discounts and promo codes in the past, but mostly just rely on a referral program to entice their customers to bring in their friends and family.

How to Get Sweetgreen Delivered

Sweetgreen has focused on improving their in-store and online ordering experience so that their customers can pick up their healthy, gluten-free salads as efficiently as possible. They pretty much perfected it and drop it on your lap. Don’t take it literally because sweetgreen itself does not yet off delivery to residences.

But you already know that; you’ve been on sweetgreen’s online ordering website and in the app multiple times and not once have you seen a delivery option or something that said “Feeling lazy, we’ll deliver to you, you lazy beet!”

Though the company itself doesn’t offer up delivery, you do have the option of third-party delivery services that will pick the order up for you and deliver it to your doorstep. Some of these “on-demand delivery” companies that are at your sweetgreen service are Postmates, Caviar and DoorDash. They are the conduit between the restaurant and the customer. Another delivery option is having your sweetgreen delivered to a WeWork through the two company’s partnership.

Unfortunately, there are fees associated with using their services — last time I checked, the deivery fee was $4.99 for Door Dash and $7.99 for Postmates. Sorry if we kaled your vibe.

Just Get Off Your Couch

Listen, the 35-45 minutes it might take you to receive your order from one of those delivery services, you could order through the sweetgreen app, jump in your car (or walk) to your nearest location and pick it up. Not to mention the $5-8 you would save in delivery fees and the exercise you’d get. It’s raining? Oh okay…

Sweetgreen Growing Organically

In the last few years, sweetgreen has organically grown across several state lines thanks to the quality healthy ingredients, tasty dressings and cult-like following. That’s great news for a company that turned ten years old in 2017. Unlike many other businesses, sweetgreen doesn’t lean primarily on promo codes to get customers into their stores. Occasionally sweetgreen will run a promotion. Mostly though, they have a fantastic referral program, their goal to become a cashless restaurant.

If you’d like to grow as naturally as sweetgreen has and feel like your body also has a billion dollar valuation, continue eating healthy, take care of your body and mind, stay active, and visit this site for more healthy tips. Everyone wants to be fit, but those that are consistent and have goals are the most successful.