Doughnut Plant

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Called the “doughnut of the Gods” by the New York Times, the Doughnut Plant is the donut joint in New York City. That’s because the donut specialist has been around for over 20 years and never uses eggs, preservatives or artificial ingredients in their doughnuts. They handcraft their goods in-house every morning using the best ingredients possible.

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Not only that, they often change up their menu to offer up special doughnuts (including their new Black and White donut), unique flavors and toppings. With high-end ingredients, gourmet doughnuts (notice the way they spell “douhgnut”; it’s not “donut”) means that your premium bakery good also has a premium price tag — approximately $4 per doughnut. You can get a $3 in free credit by downloading their app through this link.

After a couple decades, the Doughnut Plant started expanding a couple years ago. The company is taking their growth with a slow, steady, careful and an eye on detail approach, just as they baking their doughnuts.

Mark Isreal is the owner of the Doughnut Plant shops and has redefined the art of making donuts. His unconventional, handcrafted treats are picture perfect, which makes them perfect for social media, especially Instagram.

As mentioned, the good news is Doughnut Plant has an app. You can use the app to pay and earn rewards with every donut order you put in. Download the Doughnut Plant app using this coupon code link and receive $3 towards your first purchase.