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When we say “Cava” we’re not referring to the wine in this case. What we’re referring to is Cava at the fast-casual restaurant focusing on green and Mediterranean ingredients, flavors and food.

Cava is a growing brand with over 35 locations in eight states with a plan to open another 20+ Cava locations in the next year. They have both fast casual dining option that’s popular during lunch and dinner, and Cava Mezze, a sit-down version of the restaurant. No matter the concept, Cava’s philosophy is the same:

“We always say our goal is to be health-conscious, budget-conscious, taste-conscious, and time-conscious,” says Cava’s CEO Brett Schulman. “We’re still planning to grow mindfully.”

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With fresh ingredients all around, unlimited toppings like pickled onions, kalamata olives, and crispy pita chips, their popular black lentils and severely-addictive spreads like Crazy Feta, Harissa, Hummus and Roasted Red Pepper, we’re not surprised that the company is growing at the pace it is. We just hope that can keep the recipe/formula consistent.

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Started in 2011 in Bethesda Row in Washington D.C., the casual grill quickly and unexpectedly became of the best restaurants in the city. Using that momentum, the team expanded into several locations in DC. With salads and grain bowls that are both tasty and healthy as well as customizable, look for a Cava’s modern mezze plates coming near you. To get $3 off at Cava Grill, you can download their app.

About Cava Grill

Website: Cava Grill
Opened: 2011
$3 Coupon:  Get $3 off at Cava when you download their app
Locations (2018): There are 35 existing locations with the majority in Virginia, but you can find Cava locations in D.C., California, New York, New Jersey, Texas, North Carolina and Maryland. With more than twenty new storefronts planned for 2018.

Cava Grill was founded by three childhood friends with Greek roots. Ike Grigoropoulos, Chef Dimitri Moshovitis, and Ted Xenohristos are the three co-founders that are delivering a fast-casual Mediterranean concept that highlights flavors of the three’s families’ traditional Greek cooking in a casual modern atmosphere.

With storefronts in more than eight states and nearly $100 million in funding in the last few years, Cava Grill is taking their nationwide expansion very seriously. So should you, look for more Cava Grills coming new you.

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