Need a prescription or see a doctor immediately without having to wait two weeks for an appointment?  If so, we can’t recommend PlushCare enough.

PlushCare is one of the “Doctors on Demand” platform that leverages technology into virtual visits to the hospital or office. PlushCare allows you to video chat with a doctor on the same day so you can be diagnosed and / or prescribed medication over the phone, laptop computer, or their mobile app. The platform’s appointments are often available within an hour so if you’re on a tight schedule (that doesn’t require urgent care), PlushCare is a fantastic option. 

The more fantastic news is you can get $20 off your first “visit”. Get $20 in PlushCare credit when you sign up for PlushCare using this promo code: leung263. Need a doctor and can’t get an appointment, sign up and books an appointment via PlushCare on your computer or their iOS or Android app