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The Little Beet is a fast casual health-conscious restaurant with nearly a dozen outposts with popular locations at the Westchester Mall, Grand Central Station and several others in New York City and Washington D.C. They offer up delicious proteins with a focus on vegetables and all served up as gluten-free fare.

The Little Beet Promo Code for $3 Off

Like most in their fast-cash space, The Little Beet has a customer-centric app so that you can order and pay for your meals with your phone and earn The Little Beet rewards right along with it. What about promo codes for Little Beet? They have that too.

With new users to the app, when you download using this referral link you’ll receive a $3 coupon code towards your first purchase.  While we’re on codes, there’s no dress code at The Little Beet Table — their big sister, less-casual-more-formal restaurant with locations found in Chicago and New York.

The Little Beet is one of the many growing healthy lunch options in the form of a fast-casual restaurant. Founded on the philosophy of natural, local and seasonal food, The Little Beet conjured up menu items packed with wholesome, gluten-free ingredients that energizes you with feel-good foodstuffs. Their motto is “Good food never tasted so good!” You can check out their current menu offerings on their website.

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The Little Beet is one of the only chains out there that is completely gluten-free. Their rationale can be found on their website around their nutritional philosophy:

“Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye (and products made with these grains), that gives bread its structure and chew. Gluten is not unhealthy for most, however, people who suffer from celiac disease have an autoimmune reaction when they eat products that contain gluten. For these individuals, gluten is very damaging to their intestinal lining and can interfere with nutrient absorption, among other things. As such, people who have celiac disease must maintain a 100% gluten-free diet.”

Because of their focus on these details, The Little Beet is not only popular amongst those serious about their health, but for those that are gluten-free looking to be carefree and those that want an easier time doing Paleo.

The Little Beet is a part of Aurify Brands, which also owns and operates The Melt Shop, MAKE Sandwich, The Little Beet Table, and Fields Good Chicken.