23andMe Discount Code

Recently, my friend explored their DNA with 23andMe to identify their genetics with the DNA company. The great news is that 23andMe makes this type of service available and relatively-affordable; bringing the world of genetics to you, so you can understand what your NDA — all 23 pairs of chromosomes – can tell you about about your health, traits, racial background and ancestry. After taking the test, you’ll receive an overview of your DNA through detailed reports, tools and more.

Though 23andMe created the accessible DNA test industry, there have been a lot of other competitors that have entered the space. Their biggest challenger has been Ancestry.com’s AncestryDNA product that offers a lot of the same personal data.

So what’s the difference and which DNA Test Kit better? Business Insider did their best to answer this question with a comparison between the two and found that 23andMe was better for those interested in “looking at this as more of a science experiment, or a way to get involved in research (most recently I got asked to participate in asthma research), and you aren’t as interested in retracing your ancestry, this is the test for you.”

23andMe Promo Codes

Though reasonably-priced, 23andMe tests aren’t cheap. You can get an Ancestry test for $99 or a test that looks at both your Health and Ancestry for $199. Sometimes the Bay Area startup runs promotions on their tests, such as their “Buy one kit and get 10% off each Health & Ancestry Service kit!” promotion from 2017. Most of the time, they’ll have long periods without test or kit discounts. To see if 23andMe is running any current discounts, click here

Referrals Earn $20 Gift Cards: Another way of earning some cash back from 23andMe is to join their referral program which allows you to earn a $20 Amazon.com gift card (2018 promotion) for every kit that ships to a friend and family member that signs up and orders through this link within 30 days. Only applies for Health + Ancestry Personal Genetic Service.