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With locations in New York City and Boston, Dig Inn serves seasonal vegetable-focused American food that is sourced from local farmers and partners. Their menu is well-regarded for vegetable-based meals created from fresh ingredients by trained chefs. The key phrase there is “trained chefs” and not college students learning the basics of cooking. Those skills are what creates the flavors that the company hopes further separates them from their competitors. Save 50% at Dig Inn using this referral code.

Thanksgiving Year Round

With chicken and pork, mac and cheese, salads and beans, we’ve often referred Dig Inn as a more modern, elevated and flavorful version of Boston Market. Not sure if the founders would consider that a compliment, but that’s the quickest way to explain their offerings.

The dishes, which come with a protein and two sides, can cost upwards of $10-12, so why not save some money on your lunches and dinners? If you’re a new user to the Dig Inn App then use this referral link to save $5 the next time you eat at Dig Inn! The “seasonal market loves their healthy salads and grain bowls.

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About Dig Inn

Website: Dig Inn
Opened: 2011
$5 Off: Promo Code
Locations (2017): 19

Started by¬†Adam Eskin, Dig Inn is growing on the backs of the popular trends around healthy, filling salads and grain bowls. In both New York and Boston, you’re bound to see the lunch crowd lined up to put together one of their hearty market plates. The company recently received funding and will use that infusion to open approximately 20 more locations in Massachusetts and New York — it’s surprising that California isn’t on the list for expansion just yet.

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