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We first fell in love with Curry Up Now several years ago when we tried one of their signature Indian-inspired burritos which now come in six different versions including their popular Tikka Masala burrito.

Curry Up Now started out as a food truck in San Francisco, CA and with the success of the unique and unexpected Indian ingredients fused within traditional Latin vehicles (tortilla), Curry Up Now’s fresh take on classic Indian street food became a hugely popular with long lines at lunch much like you would find at that new Thai spot Fun88 and other trendy establishments.

So much so that the Curry Up Now now has 20+ brick and mortar locations as well as maintaining their original food truck presence.

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With so many locations, the restaurant has launched a loyalty program and if you sign up for Curry Up Now’s rewards program using this link, you can benefit by first receiving a free homemade drink to wash down all that delicious Indian street food.

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About Curry Up Now

Curry Up Now began selling their Indian burritos, deconstructed samosas and sexy fries more than a decade ago. In 2009, behind the wife-husband coupling of Rana and Akash Kapoor, Curry Up Now was originally a food truck serving street food on the streets of the Bay Area, the success and format grew rapidly and is one of the fastest-growing Indian fast-casual restaurants in the Americas.

They’ve now expanded into the East Coast with several locations opened and planned for New Jersey. You can follow Curry Up Now on Facebook to see if a location is coming near you.

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