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When a first time user signs up, they can get a $40 credit towards their first month. Join today and get the $40 discount applied to your first month — but you have to use this link when you sign up.

Classpass is a subscription-based service that partners with various fitness studios to offer classes for a monthly fee. Similar to Groupon, Classpass sells a variety of packages that allow you to pick and choose which fitness studio and/or class you’d like to attend. Any participating studio and class is up for grabs (so long as it hasn’t been fully booked).

Classpass is an awesome way to get familiar with the fitness studios around your neighborhood or city, and also trying out new activities that you may have been interested in. Or didn’t know you actually liked. It’s the perfect method to keep your exercise routine flexible and try everything from yoga and barre to cycling and Pilates, Broadway Dance classes, Boxing and Cycling, Classpass has a huge catalog of classes to pick from.

Classpass originated in New York City and is now available in over 30 cities across the United States including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago as well as international cities London, Sydney, and Melbourne.

Promo Receive a $40 credit when you join using this referral link
Founded  2013
Available for Android and iOS

Classpass was started by Indian-American entrepreneur Payal Kadakia, a classically trained dancer. Before starting up the successful, multi-million dollar company, Kadakia graduated from MIT.

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