La Boulangerie

With fewer than 10 locations as of March 2019, La Boulangerie is still an iconic café and bakery known as much for its authentic French baked goods, sandwiches and homemade bread and their exclusive27-layer croissant. Officially La Boulangerie de San Francisco obviously started in San Francisco with multiple locations in Northern California.

La Boulangerie Promo Code and Rewards

As the company grows in San Francisco and gets bigger, the French bakery wants to acquire new customers by offering up a free small coffee and croissant for signing up for their rewards program through this promotional link. The program is run by Thanx.

Get a free coffee and croissant from La Boulangerie today!

With Thanx and La Boulangerie all you have to do to participate is register and use your credit or debit card whenever you visit and rewards are added to your account when applicable!

Former La Boulange

Yes this is he same company, then known as La Boulange, to Starbucks in July 2012. Just 3 short years later in September of 2015, Starbucks decided to close all of the La Boulange locations. Pascal Rigo, the founder and French baker that started the company decided to reopen again under the current La Boulangerie de San Francisco brand name. In just a few years, the fast-casual has quickly become a San Francisco chain with plans on expanding even more quickly by opening up to franchising and “has already nearly sold out the entire California territory”. Wow. In your face, Starbucks.

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