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One of the original healthy salad franchises, Just Salad now exists in a crowded space of customized, healthy, locally-sourced fast casual restaurants focused on kale, mixed greens and arugula — in other words, Just Salad focuses on… well, salads. And has so since they opened their first location in 2006. That first location was in Manhattan in New York City.

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With approximately 30 locations in New York City, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Chicago (as well as a couple international stores), the company is slowly growing their storefronts and their menu. Though many come to Just Salad for their salads, their menu also offers healthy wraps and smoothies, soups, grain bowls and market plates. produce arrives fresh daily.

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Reusable, Unlimited Salad Bowl and $3 Coupon Referral

In an effort to stand out from sweetgreen, Chop’t and Mixt, Just Salad has run several promotions and marketing. Just Salad offers affordable items, where their menu boasts 10 items under $10. Providing tasty, quality food for less than $10 is impressive. .

They  added a reusable bowl a few years ago, so eco-conscious customers didn’t feel wasteful eating there. Then they introduced a promotion in May 2018 in which they allowed 100 lucky customers to pay $99 (well, $110 since they charged $10 for shipping and handling) so they would receive a reusable salad bowl to order a salad, but only for the month of May – the so-called Unlimited Salad Bowl. Even though it was for a month, it made headlines and was great awareness for the company.

Didn’t get one of those lucky bowls? You can still save some green on your greens by downloading the Just Salad app. When you download it using this promo link / code, the company will add $3 into your account good for anything on their menu.

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