The $2 Promo Code for Maoz

Somewhere in-between fast food and fast casual, Maoz is a chain of Mediterranean restaurants found across the United States and Europe. The company actually has two different type of stores , Maoz Grill and Maoz Vegeterian, the former has meat options (like beef schwarma or chicken kebab) while the other focuses on vegetarian ingredients.

This wasn’t always the case, Maoz’s restaurants used to be all vegetarian fare, but sometime in early to mid-2017, the company changed their menus to include meat at some of their New York City locations. Now featuring chicken and beef, as well as dairy, these restaurants are obviously no-longer considered Kosher.

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Founded in 1991 in Amsterdam, Maoz was one of my favorite places when I first got to New York City, I enjoyed the buffet bar of tasty ingredients that you could either stack onto your falafel sandwich or create a huge veggie plate. Surprisingly, the chain has approximately 20 storefronts, but the franchises are located all over the world. From Boca Raton to Sao Paulo to Barcelona to Paris. The company has four locations in Amsterdam and three in New York City.

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