Glaze Teriyaki

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Glaze Teriyaki is that Japanese fast casual concept you were asking for or didn’t know you wanted. With locations in New York City Chicago and San Francisco, Glaze is looking to be the leader in the tech-driven, fast growing fresh ingredient-using, fast casual restaurant for affordable Japanese food. At Glaze you can get ther Chicken Teriyaki Bowl, a beef bowl, or Honey Lemon Vin rice bowls for around $10.

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Like Chipotle and sweetgreen before it, you can choose one of their menu offerings or build your own rice bowl. You’ve seen it before, select a protein (chicken, beef, tofu, salmon, veggies), what type of rice you would like and a dressing/sauce, but with a Japanese flavor spin and ingredients. And like other modern fresh and fast (but not fast food) restaurants, if you download the Glaze Teriyaki Grill app using this referral code, you’ll get a $5 discount off at Glaze. Unless you order something expensive, that five bucks is basically deducting 50% off your meal.