Kettlespace Promo Code & Coupons for 2020

As the technology industry continues to grow so will the number of remote workers needing co-working spaces. Yes, there’s WeWork, but like any growth industry there’s room for several companies. Kettlespace is one such company that wants to connect the un-tethered workforce to co-working spaces near them.

Kettlespace Promo Code for $25 Off

If you’re considering subscribing to a co-working space membership, Kettlespace offers $25 off your first month of membership which is 50% off the pricing of their Pro Monthly Membership of $49/month!

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Another way to get a discounted membership is if you choose to pay for your “Unlimited” plan annually instead of monthly, if you do that, you’ll save $200 off the yearly price of $1188 – that’s approximately 16% in savings over the course of the 12 month membership.

The company also ran a (now expired) promotion that allowed former Spacious members to save anywhere from $600-1200 compared to Spacious pricing. Unfortunately that promo code was only good until January 15, 2020.

Kettlespace Review: How It Differs from WeWork

The big difference between Kettlespace and WeWork is that Kettlespace, like Spacious before them, leverages local small businesses that aren’t normally open during the day. Think of restaurants that usually only open for dinner service. Those spaces are empty during the day, so Kettlespace comes in, provides it with the tools, coffee and amenities to create a temporary co-working space.

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