Sinemia Promo Code, Coupons for 2019

Sinemia is a movie subscription service that allows members to see X movies for a monthly fee. Sinema, like their more well-known competitor MoviePass, offers a subscription plan where price per ticket is significantly lower than what you would pay at the box office.

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Hell, both services are at least 50% cheaper than the AMC and Cinemark discount tickets you can buy at CostCo. Needless to say, movie subscription services are disrupting the industry and making movies an affordable night out. You can get make Sinemia even more of a deal with their referral program, if you sign up with this link you’ll get $10 off your subscription, and $10 if you’re a MoviePass user (UPDATE Jan 2019: You get $20 for every referral from Moviepass now).

And as we’ve watched the slow and painful demise of MoviePass, Sinemia has quietly reaped the benefits; increasing their member base as MoviePass users flee due to their ever-changing pricing and poor choices.

Sinemia Pricing Plans: 1-3 movies a month

One reason Sinemia hasn’t caught on as quickly is they’re not offering an unlimited plan. From the get go, Sinemia only allows you to see between one and three movies a month for approximately $4-5 per movie, depending on the plan you choose. Though it won’t ever be as great a deal as MoviePass, Sinemia plans to stay in business.

The good news is that Sinemia offers many sought-after features that MoviePass didn’t provide; no blackout dates, no surge pricing,  advanced ticketing, access to premium screenings (3D, IMAX, etc.) and their family plans. For their most up-to-date pricing structure, check out Sinemia’s pricing plans page.

The only cons to their pricing that I am able to see is there isn’t an unlimited option and if you choose to pay monthly, you’ll be charged an “initiation fee” of $19.99 — which is much harder to swallow considering that fee costs more than any of their current pricing plans (Sinemia most-expensive plan is $14.99 for any movie).

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Sinemia Special Promotions & Sales for 2019

Often erroneously spelled as Sinema (without an “i”) as opposed to the properly-spelled ‘Sinemia’ (with second ‘i’), the #2 movie subscription company is quickly making a bigger, and accurately-spelled, name for themselves.

As MoviePass continues to falter, Sinemia continues upping their marketing efforts by lowering prices, offering special promotions and running special deals. In the last couple months, they offered up new subscribers a $25, offered higher referral rewards, and slashed their normal prices. Here’s a sampling of their most recent promos:

Sinema Promotions 2019
Promotion Detail Starts Ends Promo Code
Oscars 25% off plans 02/19 N/A OSCAR
Valentine's 30% off plans 02/08 N/A LOVE
Moviepass Refer $20 with MoviePass proof 01/19 Active Link
20% Off 20% off plans 11/18 N/A Holiday
Free Food $25 Gift Certificate 07/18 Dead None
Summer Sale >50% off plans 08/18 09/18 None
Refer-a-Friend $10 for referring MoviePass friend 08/18 Active Link
Summer Promo $1 off plans 07/18 Dead AVENGERS

What is Sinemia’s Premium Member?

You might have seen on the company’s site about “premium members”, but what does that mean? From what we can tell, one becomes a Sinemia Premium Member simply by choosing to pay for your membership annually. Doing so allows you a few benefits. First and foremost, you avoid paying the initiation fee mentioned above and secondly, you can refer friends to the service and earn $10 in Sinemia credit. Check out the referral eligibility rules on this page.

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