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JUMP is a dockless scooter and electric bicycle sharing system founded in New York City and owned by Uber. It operates their popular electronic bicycles in cities the United States and in January 2018, they launched the first dockless bike sharing system in San Francisco. In order to use a JUMP bike, one has to unlock one of the download the Uber app or JUMP app (iTunes or on Google Play), locate a bike and unlock the JUMP bike using the app.

JUMP was originally known as The Social Bicycles company when it was founded in 2010. The company first launched its bikes in 2013. The Social Bicycles company re-branded as Jump in January 2018 before being bought by Uber in April 2018. Uber’s competitor did them one better, Lyft bought Motivate in November 2018, the company that operates many of the country’s largest bike share programs.