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Luke’s Lobster first opened in 2009 and after nearly a decade of serving “traceable, sustainable seafood”, they’ve expanded past their original East Village location in New York City to over 30 locations in several cities, states and five “shacks” in Japan!

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As you can probably tell by the name, quality seafood, and in particular lobster, doesn’t come cheap. As of this post, one of Luke’s Lobster rolls will run you $17. A crab roll is $13 and their popular trio with lobster, shrimp and crab is $19. Is it worth it? Definitely. For a fast casual seafood restaurant that refers to itself as a shack, it might be the best value you can get for quality lobster.

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New Category of Restaurant: Fast-Sustainable

The company continues trying to be the best they can be and improve their product, and protecting the habitat that supports their business. Luke’s Lobster is a certified B-Corp, contributes to the The Ocean Foundationhas an ownership stake in a co-op of Maine fishermen in which they work directly with to select the best seafood so that customers have nothing but the best seafood. And of course they take care of their workers by cutting out middlemen; working directly with and paying fairer prices to the fishermen actually doing the work.

The Co-Owners Met on Craigslist

In a recent CNBC article about how Luke’s Lobster grew from a 200 square foot hole-in-the-wall to a multi-million dollar global business, the piece mentions the legend of how Luke Holden and Ben Conniff met in 2008:

The economy was still struggling and neither Holden, a 25-year-old banking analyst, nor Conniff, a 24-year-old freelance food writer, had any restaurant-management experience. The two had recently met through Craigslist and gave themselves a two-month timeframe to open their shack, which they dubbed “Luke’s Lobster.”

The two would use Google to figure things out and funds from Luke’s high-paying finance job. Just as critical, they got financial support and received invaluable knowledge of Maine’s lobster industry from his father. All those things together came together as Luke’s Lobster. The first year, the business operations struggled as they learned on-the-go but the draw of Maine lobster in New York City turned out to be a huge draw. Almost ten years later, it’s a concept that’s been proven over and over from Miami to Japan to San Francisco.

On National Lobster Day (yes, that’s a thing), Luke’s Lobster ran a promotion where you could get a lobster roll, a lobster tail, and lobster chowder for just $25. If you’re reading this and it’s nowhere near September 25th, check out their Facebook or Twitter for any special promos or deals. Until then…

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