Smashburger Promo Code, Rewards and Discounts

With a menu that highlights hamburgers, fries tater tots and more, Smashburger is quickly becoming a cult favorite. Earn a free 10 points toward a free burger combo meal or tater tots by entering PROMOCOD3783 when you sign up.

Already one of the more-popular burger joints in regards to fast-casual hamburgers. You can find their locations and drive-thrus all throughout the country, from standalone storefronts to franchises in airports — they’re growing and expanding rapidly, so start earning those SmashClub points.

Smashburger’s SMASHCLUB Rewards Program

By joining their program, you’ll get “juicy rewards” and special offers delivered to your app! If you download the SMASHCLUB app via Smashburger’s Punchh download link (the company that powers their loyalty company), you’ll get $1 off your next meal. Don’t forget to stack on with this discount code: PROMOCOD3783 to get 10 free points. Once you’ve signed up, you can refer your friends and get more points.

Available for iOS via iTunes and Android on Google Play. Welcome to the new SmashClub, Smash Fan!

About Smashburger

Founded in 2007, Smashburger is an fast-casual burger American restaurant. The delicious burger joint has nearly 400 locations and franchise outlets nearly 40 states (and ten countries!) Co-owners Tom Ryan and Rick Schaden first opened the original Smashburger in Denver, Colorado more than a decade ago.

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