PrintWithMe Promo and Discount Codes

Owning your own printer is annoying. Yes it’s cheap to buy a printer, but the ink cartridges and how often printers break down are the biggest issues that we’ve all run into.

Of course there’s an app (and company) here to solve that. Printing out documents and PDFs with PrintWithMe is easy peasy. Locate a place that uses PrintWithMe, email your documents to their custom email (usually []) and print! It doesn’t matter what kind of device you want to print from (iPhone, Android, Desktop, tablet), as long as you have an internet connection, you can print all your documents, flyers, applications to a PrintWithMe station!

At this time, you can save up to $5 to print anything you want, but you have to print something with PrintWithMe first. After printing, they’ll ask you which cafe would you like to see PrintWithMe at. “Tell us where you’d like to see us next and we’ll give you up to $5 credit”

Once you answer that, you can tweet at that cafe to get a $5 coupon for the next time. Not bad. Here’s a screenshot of that

Founded by Jonathan Treble and based in Chicago, the company is a printing technology startup that wants to make printing “ridiculously convenient” no matter where you are. The company started in 2014 and hope to be your printing solutions.