Sinemia vs. MoviePass: Comparing their $9.95 three-movie monthly plans (apples-to-apples comparison)

With each and every HUGE poor business decision by MoviePass, Sinemia takes that opportunity handed to them to takes advantage of MoviePass’s head-shaking fall from grace.

Today, they discounted their three movie-a-month plan by 50% — cutting their price to $9.95 from $14.99. That basically is offering the default MoviePass plan but without many of the restrictions that have frustrated MoviePass users over the last couple months. We’ll compare the differences in a minute.

Sinemia vs. MoviePass $10 Plan Comparison

A real comparison has been a long time coming, but comparing the two wasn’t always an apple-to-apples comparison in the past. Now with the release of Sinemia’s discounted $9.95 for three movies a month plan, we can look at both companies with the same lens. Here’s a look at the features and benefits of both company’s $9.95 pricing structure.

Comparing Sinemia vs. MoviePass $10 Plan
Feature Sinemia MoviePass
Price $9.95 $9.95
3 Movies/Month Yes Yes
2D Movies Yes Yes
Advance Tickets Yes Some
See All Movies Yes No
New Releases Yes Maybe
3D Movies No No
IMAX films No No

Conclusion: Unfortunately for MoviePass, it’s no contest.

Basically, Sinemia’s new pricing plan gives you everything MoviePass offers for the same $10 subscription, but with the ability to buy advanced tickets and not deal with the frustration of whether you can actually watch the movie you want.  MoviePass rotates the movies one can see and usually disallows new releases from their offerings. Want to see the new blockbuster? Guaranteed on Sinemia, not so much on MoviePass.

Having used both services, I would say the only thing that MoviePass has on a Sinemia now is that their app is much-more user-friendly. That said, who cares about that when you roll up to the box office and find that the app is working or the movie you see isn’t available on the app? Oh, you have to check their movie schedule? Forget it. From a convenience and value standpoint, it’s an easy decision: it’s Sinemia all day, everyday.

Sinemia’s discounted “MoviePass” plan is one of their many responses to MoviePass’ sturggles. This latest salvo from Sinemia comes after they announced a new referral program that directly took aim at MoviePass users. This is what competition is all about. Consumers win when there’s healthy competition.

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