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Have you ever walked into a cafe or restaurant at the end of the night and surprised that they dispose of all their remaining food instead of giving it to the homeless or donating to a shelter? Well, there’s legal reasons for that.

Now there’s an app that helps to close that gap. Food for All hopes to change all that.

Food For All’s mission is putting a stop to perfectly good food from going to waste.

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Food For All was started in 2016 from a Kickstarter campaign as an app marketed to allow users to buy food restaurants did not sell by the end of the day, at up to an 80% discount. The campaign was fully-funded and raised $50,233 of the $50,000 goal.

Want to help reduce waste while getting affordable quality food? Download the Food For All app today. That’s a savings of up to $10 depending on whether you’re picking up some croissants or pad thai noodles.