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Lyft is the ride-hailing company that started out with pink, giant fuzzy mustaches on the front of their drivers’ cars. The company has since grown significantly in their competition with market-leader Uber. Focused primarily in the United States until December 2017, when Lyft announced it expanded internationally, beginning their operations in Toronto, Canada. Yes, that’s only Canada, but look for Lyft to continue growing larger and larger.

“Lyft is a little late to the [international] game, but enjoys a better public image [than Uber], which I expect will ease their expansion efforts,” said Carl Doty, vice president and group director at research firm Forrester.

Ride-sharing is growing and is becoming more and more of a competitor with public transportation, and with more countries and cities being added often, more users will be searching online for Lyft promo codes and discounts. We’re hoping to provide you with the most reliable, trusted and active Lyft promo codes.

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