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Healthy fast casual food is taking over the United States. It seems that for whatever you’re craving no matter the cuisine, there’s a Chipotle-styled restaurant for it. With the Semsom Eatery brand, you can now add (or check off) Lebanese food on that list. Started out in Lebanon in 2011, it quickly expanded into the Middle East into Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait and then in 2015, Semsom opened it’s first US-branch in New York City.

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Describing it’s food as fresh casual and wholesome, Semsom is another entry in thd Mediterranean fast-casual market; joining the likes of Cava, Noon, Moaz, Hummus & Pita Co. and Roti. As far as we know, Semsom stands out in that they have a focus on Lebanese flavors and spices.

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Like many of the fast casual places popping up, Semsom Eatery has it’s own customized app that incentivizes you to download it. When you download the app using this referral code, you’ll automatically have $3 deposited into your Semsom account. You can also download the app by scanning a QR code from the referring friend.

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