Imperfect Foods $80 promo code and coupons

Imperfect Foods Promo Code for $80 credit

With a mission that aims to  eliminate food waste, Imperfect Foods was founded to give you access to  shop produce, groceries, and snacks that would otherwise be tossed way at a discount that can be 30% cheaper a grocery store.

Previously, Imperfects program allowed for $20 off your first order, but the company dramatically increased the promotion for $80 in free groceries when using this official Imperfect Foods promo code to shop and create your first Imperfect Foods box. And then having it delivered to your front door.

When you sign up you’ll get your $80 in free groceries across your first four months that you remain an active user. We’ve done the math, that’s $20 in free credit for your first four months. Sign up using this link to get in on that promotion.

So is imperfect foods actually cheaper?

All things equal and based on my experience, the fruits and vegetables that you can choose from Imperfect are slightly cheaper than it would be buying them from the grocery store.

However, there’s couple things to remember about Imperfect Foods, there’s almost always a shipping cost added at checkout (mine is $4.99), the vegetables sometimes are pretty ugly, but you’re not wasting food and it is delivered to your doorstep on a schedule you choose.

As far as savings, you’ll be paying a little more at the end of the day, but depending on how much you’re spending, the convenience of having not to go to the grocery store — especially if you’re busy — can be worth the extra dollars.

To save more at Imperfect, you can also use this $80 promo code by using this referral link.


About Imperfect Foods
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Locations (2022): Imperfect Foods is growing and currently delivers to the Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York City as well as other cities and is constantly expanding their coverage area.