Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp Discount Codes

With locations in Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, London, Toronto, Stockholm, Atlanta, nd more, can Barry’s Bootcamp really have a cult following anymore? A combination of cardio/running and lifting weights, Barry’s say they’re the “Best Workout in the World” and we don’t necessarily disagree. Even an “easy” class is pretty intense.

Barry’s Bootcamp tends to run periodic specials as they did when trying to capitalize on New Year’s Resolutions or when they open a new location. When they opened their San Diego location in 2010, they ran a pretty spectacular GroupOn deal where you got 5 classes for $40. That’s $9 per Barry’s class which is pretty unheard of. Barry’s also offered a Gilt City deal for their Tribeca location.

If you’re a student in Boston, you might be able to get in on their student rate:

Student discount packages include: $20.00 for a single class, $175.00 for a 10-class pack, and $150 per month-3-month package. Email with a copy of your student ID and full semester schedule to be eligible or bring hard-copies to your next class! Also Barry’s Bootcamp is a percipient in ClassPass, a cheap way to combine several classes from a variety of studios around the Bean.

If you’re not a student, or you can’t find yourself a discount code to Barry’s , you can always await their annual Holiday Sale when you can grab a bunch of individual classes for a discounted rate — usually about 20% off.  The savings equal to that of a monthly membership, but you get more flexibility!