Blink Health Promo Code for $15 Off

What is Blink Health?

Blink Health is one of the many new companies looking to disrupt the prescription medicine industry. Like GoodRx, NuRX, Hims, and Roman, Blink is one of the many ways that Americans can leverage to save on prescriptions. Having negotiated lower costs on more than 15,000 prescription medications, Blink can offer these behind-the-counter prescriptions at a discounted rate for those that subscribe. Blink Health is also a really great option if you don’t have a prescription or health insurance — that’s one of best reasons to use the prescription subscription service.  Learn more about Blink on their About Us page.

Blink Health Coupon Code for $15 Off

Pick up the same exact FDA-approved medication at lower prices with Blink Health. With this referral link, you’ll receive up to $15 off your first medication purchase from Blink.

Blink Health boasts that their customers save on average of $70 per prescription filled. I don’t know about that, but I was able to get a decent discount on my prescription without having health insurance. And it’s convenient too, you can pick up your prescription from Duane Reade, Safeway, Walgreens, Walmart, Costco, Kroger and thousands of independent drug stores nearby. And don’t worry, even though Blink Health refers to their service as a subscription, there are no solid commitments so you can cancel anytime.

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