Drizly Promo Code for $5 Discount

Delivering alcohol to several large cities such as Austin, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York City, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Denver, Massachusetts and in over 70 American states and cities, Drizly is one of the handful of startups trying to be the dominant player in the potential billion-dollar liquor delivery industry.

Searching for available promo codes for Drizly, we ran across a bunch of dead ends whether it was expired coupons (drizly promo code $20), promotions (drizly promo code 15 off), or trying to locate a coupon on Reddit’s forums. The only active one we came across was this promo code that takes off $5 on your first order: twrss

When you use this code at checkout or when you register, you can get $5 off your delivery. We’ll also get $5 too! Thanks 🙂

Like its competitors, Minibar and Bottoms Up, Drizly promises to deliver all types of alcohol, red or white (or rose) wine, and any type of beer to your door within the hour.Drizly was founded and based in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 2012 by co-founders and friends Nick Rellas and Justin Robinson.

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