$40 Promo Code for Handy

Handy is a peer-to-peer service that started out as a home and apartment cleaning service, but as the service expanded, they began offering more and more at-home services like handyman, plumbing, painting and electrical services too. Founded in 2012 as a solution to the everyday problem of identifying trustworthy, top-notch effective pros in an industry where those searching aren’t familiar with.

Handy isn’t limited to house cleaning. Like Angie’s List, Handy connects you with contractors willing to do anything job within the four walls of your home. I’ve used the service to find contractors to help me paint my walls, mount a television, install a washer as well as clean my apartment.

How to Book via Handy App

They want the process to be simple, too. Through the Handy app, the company boasts that you can easily book a job in 60 seconds. Just tap on the “services” button. From there, describe the work you want by selecting from a variety of categories and answering some predetermined questions. Then you can select the location and duration of the project. If you have a promo code (you do, this $40 code) you want to use then enter it when prompted. At the end you can leave specific directions, instruction and concerns regarding the project, home, parking situation, etc.

Looking to use Handy for the first time? Use this link: https://www.handy.com/r/STUART3369/tqWFL3GP to get $40 off your first service booking or house cleaning on the Handy app.