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Founded in 2009,  I would best describe Getaround as the “Airbnb for automobiles.”  That means it’s a peer-to-peer car sharing service where people without cars can rent cars from owners, and owners can place their cars into the network to be rented out. Interested in one or the other?

Here’s a Getaround code for new users for $20 off your first ride.

What’s the difference between Getaround and ride share companies like Uber and Lyft? Basically, it comes down to whom is driving the car — with Getaround, the customer is the driver of the car while with ride shares, the car’s owner is the driver.

Getaround for Renters & Car Owners Alike

Getaround is great option for those that own a car and ones that don’t, but need a car periodically. Getaround serves both needs.

If you don’t have a car and need a car for a few hours, you’ll be likely to find a participating car in your area. And if you’re a car owner that doesn’t always use their car — you can add your vehicle to their marketplace during the times you know you won’t need your car so you can earn some extra cash sitting on your butt. Now that’s passive income.

Jalopnik does a great job explaining the p2p service like this:

Getaround takes advantage of the fact that there are just cars sitting there all day. Think about it: if you drive to work, chances are, your car is just sitting there in the parking lot. Someone else could use it to pick up groceries or run some errands, and you’d make a quick buck without having to lift a finger. You wouldn’t even have to give them your keys, because they’ll be able to access the car with a remote lock installed under the steering wheel.

Looking to use Getaround for the first time or want to share your car? Use one of their referral code and get a $20 discount off your first Getaround rental. The company is also offering a $200 incentive for car owners to add their car to Getaround’s system. If you’re an owner interested in earning $200 off the bat, click this promotional link.

Getaround Best Practices and Tips

I’ve used the Getaround service more than a dozen times now and for the most part, it’s been a great experience. When in San Francisco, I usually rent a car using Getaround for approximately 4-5 hours to get out of the city, run errands, pick up groceries, and take my family out to shop.

I’m happy to call myself power user of the service. Here’s three tips to pay attention to if you’re going to use Getaround:

  1. Where You End Up: Don’t just think about the closest car near you when you rent, but also think about a location that’s near where you will end up being after the rental. You don’t want to be 25 minutes away from home (with shopping bags or groceries) after you park.
  2. Dedicated Parking: Getaround has dedicated parking spots in most of the cities they operate on. This is convenient feature
  3. Plan for Cushion:  Whether it’s filling up the tank, taking photos of the car beforehand or looking for parking, give yourself time to pick up and drop off the car before your ride starts/ends.

Here’s a post with more tips and tricks to getting the most out of Getaround and using it efficiently and smoothly. If you want to know more about listing out your car, click here.

The company continues to expand; having recently expanded to three big US cities in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Philadelphia. That’s already in addition to the citys, states and regions that the company already serves including San Francisco, Boston, Miami, Portland, D.C., and New Jersey.

Getaround promo code for $20 off your first ride / $200 for car owners.

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