Sinemia doubling referrals to $20 to entice MoviePass users to cancel

Sinemia’s referral program is well-known — almost as well-known as for MoviePass not really having a invite-a-friend program.

Well, Sinemia is making the differences between the two companies even more stark by doubling referral credits from $10 to $20. That’s nuts (in a great way). We haven’t seen any news on this, but we recently noticed that Sinemia made the change to their program when we logged into our account.

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Now anyone that can provide proof that they’re a Moviepass member and signs up with Sinemia can get $20 off their membership! A really great move that all but kicks Moviepass while they’re down. Sinemia is all about the overkill and pouring as much salt on the wound. Between the competition provided by Sinemia and AMC’s A-List, it’s looking less likely that Moviepass will survive — even with their recent announcement of a new unlimited-tiered plan. It’s probably too late for MoviePass.

If you can’t get a Moviepass user to switch, you’ll still get $5 in referral credit. Unfortunately, the $20 in Sinemia credit won’t apply to your first order but can be can used to buy, renew or upgrade your Sinemia Premium Plan. If you want to use that credit, we suggest signing up for their cheapest plan and then upgrading to the plan you want. Before you do that, there’s a kicker there too, you have to have enough in your Sinemia Wallet to pay for the entire plan. That’s frustrating, I know.

Take a look at this reddit thread to learn more about how you can use Sinemia credit.

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