Bareburger Coupon for $12 Free Credit

Since opening nearly a decade ago, Bareburger has grown from their first 40 seat restaurant in Astoria to a major player in the organic, fast casual burger space. In its first few years, Bareburger garnered award after award for their organic, sustainable and delicious take on the hamburger. Since then, the company opened their second location in Greenwich Village in Manhattan, then 40 more locations in New Jersey, Chicago, Ohio, California with the vast majority of the stores in New York City.

Download the Bareburger app using our referral code, and you’ll get $3 Bareburger credit to spend on any menu items. Use this special referral link to claim your $3 Bareburger discount.  Click here to activate your $3 promo code and download the Bareburger appYou can use that credit at any Bareburger location and toward a hamburger, onion rings, french fries, sandwiches or chicken tenders — whatevers your pleasure.

How to Get $12 Free Credit at Bareburger

Here’s the best news about downloading the app with our referral coupon, you’ll get $12 to start. When you register for the Bareburger app, the company will place $12 in your account! All you have to do is go to your nearest Bareburger, place your order, and pay with the app. It will then automatically deduct $12 from your first purchase and charge the balance to the credit card you’ve associated with the Bareburger app. Just like that.

Referral credit to entice downloads of a company’s app isn’t unusual, but that incentive is usually $2 or $3 in credit — sometimes $5. Twelve dollar in free menu items at Bareburger is more than double the credit I’ve seen from similar fast casual restaurants. That’s good enough for a full meal at Bareburger.

Click here to for $12 in Bareburger credit

Started in Astoria, Queens in New York City by two club owners, Bareburger was founded in 2009 when maxed out their credit cards to convert an old bakery into a small organic burger joint.

Even More Bareburger Promotion Codes

Wny not double down? Grab the $12 free app credit and use one of the codes below to get even more of a deal.

HUNGRYBEAR 20% Must place order at N/A
SLAWFORME Free Slaw Must place order at N/A
MMMBISON Free Fries Order bison burger on N/A
ILOVEGRASS Free Crispy Brussels Sprouts Fries Order on N/A

If you want to stack the promotions, you might want to ensure you order enough to use all of the $12 credit.

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