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Tender Greens has been unfairly categorized into the bougie, fast-casual salad startups that have been popping up all over the country. The thing is, Tender Greens has been around since 2006, way before many of their peers and on top of that, they serve more than just salad. Their menu in Downtown San Francisco boasts more than the kale, greens and vegetarian fare you’d expect from Chop’t or sweetgreen. At Tender Greens you can order a variety of proteins from a roasted pork sandwich, marinated steak, fried chicken, a shrimp bowl, and grilled salmon. Take that, Just Salad.

And like Dig Inn, Tender Greens hires experienced chefs to run each location’s kitchens, so you can expect that your food is being prepared by a professional with years of working in the industry as opposed to some college student that was taught step-by-step how to prepare herb-brushed tuna a month ago.

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As expected with items like steak and shrimp and salmon, all with a focus on fresh and local, the prices at Tender Greens also aren’t at the same place as their so-called competitors; meaning Tender Green can be a lot more expensive.

So in order to keep things affordable, Tender Greens has a loyalty program. However, the company’s program doesn’t give you actual money or credit when you download the app, but it awards you with points that will uplevel your status and ability to redeem those points for free food. Oh, and if you download the app and use this referral code: StuartLeu6459 , you’ll get bonus points and a cookie — we’re not kidding.

About Tender Greens

As mentioned, Tender Greens has been open about a dozen years. After obtaining funding (including money from Shake Shack’s Danny Meyer), Tender Greens is in the process of expanding on their approximately 30 locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Boston, Orange County and their first location in New York City.

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