Can I cancel MoviePass 3-month promo and update to unlimited plan?

MoviePass has been trying to find a path to profitability sooner than later. In the last several months they’ve made adjustments to their plan several times in order to get into the black at a quick rate. One of the more controversial moves was when the company rolled out a plan that went from an “unlimited” amount of movies to limiiting users to four movies a month. That didn’t go over well and the company did an about face reverting back to their original “one movie a day” for their users.

Well, most users. The problem is if you were a user that signed up during their MoviePass/iHeartRadio 3-month promotion, your plan didn’t automatically convert to the one movie a day plan.

So can you manually update or cancel that plan and sign up for the unlimited plan? Unfortunately, MoviePass chose to nickel and dime those that signed up during that time period (including me). Here’s what their official help section says:

Those users that signed up for the $29.95 iHeartRadio 3-month plan will be able to choose which plan they would like to continue on before their 3-months expire. Look out for more details and information when you get closer to that point.

I also contacted them through the chat feature in the app and essentially got the same answer.

Thank you for contacting MoviePass! I understand your concern regarding your subscription. I have checked your account and
see that you are registered for a quarterly subscription for $29.85. It includes 4 movies a month and 3-Month Free Trial to All-Access iHeartRadio. Please be advised that you need to wait until your current subscription end before you can sign up again for a new subscription. Let me know if you need help with anything else

AMC’s A-List subscription service and Sinemia are looking better and better.

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