Sweetgreen Pass: Spend $100 and earn up to $30 in sweetgreen credit (2019)

Sweetgreen is amping up 2019 with a sweet deal that rewards you in greens. See what we did there? Sorry. The company is calling it the Sweetgreen Pass, and basically you can earn up to $30 for spending $100 upfront in the next 5 weeks. Here’s the promotion’s details on how to get $30 sweetgreen credit.

Treat yourself to $100 in sg credit and enjoy an additional $30 in rewards, on us.
Simply order sweetgreen 10 times within 5 weeks and earn $3 each time

The kicker is you have to buy the “Sweetgreen Pass” for $100. That pass will get you $100 in sweetgreen app credit instantly. How do you get rewarded with $30?  You’ll have to visit sweetgreen 10 times within 5 weeks. The great news is that you *don’t* have to hit $100 to earn the additional credit — you just have to put the money up front with purchasing the pass and then every visit to a sweetgreen store, you’ll get $3 into your account. Simple as that.

If you go to sweetgreen often enough, we think it’s well worth the initial investment. If you have the pass and visit sweetgreen three times, you still earn $9! It’s that easy being green. Sorry (again).

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