Can you earn AMC Stubs points while using MoviePass?

MoviePass offers a “too-good-to-be-true” movie subscription that allows you to pay $10/month to see as many movies at the theatre as you want (limited by one ticket per day and you can’t see the same movie twice). With the average price of movie tickets around $10, that’s a fantastic offer already, but there are those that want to stack on that deal by earning AMC Stubs rewards.

Earn AMC Stubs points while using MoviePass

I can’t blame those people for wanting to double dip because 1) it’s technically not double-dipping and 2) I want to do the same thing (and that’s what got me to write this post). However, how can one earn AMC Stubs points while using MoviePass at the same time? The answer is pretty simple, but be cautious. First things first, don’t go up to the counter like this reddit user did if you want AMC Rewards.

So we just recently got told at our local AMC that we cannot earn Stubs rewards if we buy tickets using MoviePass. This happened when we were buying our tickets at the front desk with a cashier.

If you go up to the cashier to get your ticket then the AMC employee will likely tell you that MoviePass doesn’t qualify for AMC rewards as they scrawl “MP” on your ticket like the scarlet letter. But like a good couponer, those same redditors learned that in order to earn Stubs rewards while using MoviePass was easily accomplished by utilizing AMC’s automated ticketing kiosks.

But another day we tried using the machines that you can buy tickets from and we just entered in our rewards account before buying and purchase tickets with MoviePass and we got points for it. So if you still want free points just buy at a machine instead of buying from the cashier.

Obviously, if you don’t have the ticket machines at your local AMC then unfortunately, 1) you’re out of luck and 2) damn, your AMC needs an upgrade. TMost AMCs are on version 10.7 and you’re still on AMC version 1.8.

You can get rewards, but should you?

If you plan on stacking AMC rewards with MoviePass, don’t do it too often. It’s clear that AMC is well-aware that this is a loophole in their system. That’s because MoviePass is essentially a credit/debit card and their system (as of January 2018) wasn’t able to differentiate a Chase credit card or Bank of America debit card vs. a Movie Pass card.

As with most loopholes, the company discovered it, looking at accounts and is manually sending out notices to some users that they’re in violation of AMC Stubs program. Here’s an email that a user on the Tiger Droppings forum recently received:

This email is to inform you that your AMC Stubs account was flagged because it was earning rewards using the MoviePass program. We would like to remind you that purchases through subscription services such as MoviePass are not eligible for AMC Stubs participation, per the Terms & Conditions that you entered into when you became an AMC Stubs member. If this activity continues, your account may be deactivated due to suspected fraud. You may review the Terms & Conditions on our website here.

The good news is that AMC isn’t banning anyone outright. They’re making the right decision that most users don’t know that they’re doing anything wrong and sending out a warning shot. Any nefarious behavior from there on out and they’ll likely deactivate your Stubs account. That’s fair.

That said, that means you likely can utilize both programs and accumulate AMC rewards in the process. If you can, use any points you accumulate ASAP, so that when/if you get the email, AMC can’t take away the points you earned. Happy stacking.

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