MealPal introduces QR codes for quicker and efficient meal pick-ups

if you’ve ever used MealPal, you know that the system could use some improvements. What I thought was the most clunky part of the service that was primed for errors was picking up your meal. Usually one would go into the restaurant to pick up the food, tell them or show them your number and the restaurant would manually cross off your order on a clipboard.

No more, last month MealPal improved that step of the service by introducing QR codes which simplifies the pick-up process by swapping order numbers with QR codes. If you haven’t already, you have to update the app. Now with the new QR code, you can simply tap “Pick Up” and then scan the QR code on the MealPal sign displayed at the restaurant then show the code to the and pick up your meal. Voila! Simple.

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