MealPal extends kitchen deadline; you can now reserve your lunch up until 10:30 AM!

What doesn’t seem like a huge change by MealPal will actually have a big impact for the users.

Today, the meal subscription service sent out an email announcing an official change to their 9:30 AM deadline to reserve lunch for the day. Now, the company is adding an extra hour in which to order/reserve their lunch. The deadline to get your midday meal is now 10:30 AM — one full hour from the previous deadline.

What that means is users now can open up the app until 10:30 AM and still see many of the participating MealPal restaurants from which to choose and reserve their lunch for that day. In the past when the deadline was 9:30 AM, you could still open up MealPal at 10:15 AM to reserve your lunch, but would only see a limited number restaurants — maybe 20% of the full list of restaurants available.

This is fantastic for those late risers, those days when you’re too busy rushing to get out of the house, or when a morning meeting runs over. Now you can walk into the office at 9:27 AM and not stress out about getting your MealPal order in for the day!



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