One Day Only: MealPal offering $500 Amazon gift card for 5 five referrals

MealPal isn’t one to shy away from referral-friendly promotions. This might be the best offer yet if you can get it down. For today only (October 8, 2018), if you can REFER 5 FRIENDS today you can get $500 e-gift card a handful of your friends joins today!

The $500 offer is obviously much better than the already great $50 referral gift card they sometimes offer and a ton better than the $30 offer and even better than the $75 Whole Foods/Target gift card the meal-subscription company rolled out recently. Ready to rumble, join, and refer?  Click here or the image below:

So get going and send out those referral emails to your friends and family. If you can’t get it all the way to 5 referrals, you don’t have to worry both you and your friend still get $50 e-gift cart per referral until you hit five a.k.a. the motherlode. Good luck!

MealPal’s Refer-A-Friend promotion applies to new MealPal customers who sign up through an official referral link. If MealPal’s terms are met, the current member (“referee”) will receive a $500 Amazon e-gift card with 5 or more qualified referred friends. If referee does not reach 5 or more referrals, referee will receive a $50 Amazon gift card for every qualified referred friend, up to 4. Here’s the image from the email they sent out to select users:

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